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Prateek Saxena


A hybrid of design and development. I like building games and web applications. A student of music production and film editing. Currently working at Wikimedia Foundation.

Elsewhere: @prtksxna, GitHub

Prateek Saxena

Current setup

Wordpress with plugins Webmention, Semantic linkbacks, Syndication links and Bridgy publish.

I wrote a theme to use with these plugins called FeedMe, but its old and clunky. I'll be working on a new version at some point.


  • Fix h-card on homepage βœ…
  • Test and fix microformats being used for posts. πŸ”„
  • Work on the Microformats Wikiproject.
  • Work on post-type-discovery.js implementation βœ…
  • Work on post-type-discovery logo. πŸ”„
  • Work on post-type-discovery test suite βœ…
    • Find ways to increase the test suite by way of a WebExtension that looks at pages and lets you raise github issues
  • Start work on feedme.
  • Start work on indieweb-blocks.
  • Setup micropub in js.
  • Start work on Perspectives for mini-sites:
    • High level
      • Title
      • Description
      • Image
    • Filter
      • Category
      • Tag
      • Geo
      • Date/time
    • Sort
      • Distance from point
      • Chronology/reverse

Use cases

Web feed list on website

I want a blogroll with categories (fashion, graphic design etc) (possibly using XFN), and have a feed reader pick up this list to show me a feed. This way I'd be able to switch readers without importing/exporting anything and only losing my most recent read status.

See blogroll, follower.

Walks & trips

Have a bunch of images with the same tag and a location. This should show up as a grid of images on the left, with a map on the right. I might want to write a little about the trip itself, and am currently thinking of putting that in the tag's description on Wordpress.


I often find nice graphics, color themes, website designs, game characters etc while browsing. I want to post a like (not sure if it should be a bookmark instead) to the website at which I found it, along with a photo/screenshot of the element that I liked, along with a small note and tags. Subsequently, I want to be able to look for all of these and filter on tags.

See reply-context.

Jams as playlists

Whenever I like a song I should add a jam with the Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Youtube link and tags. My website should be able to then make a playlist out of a tag, and play it on loop.

Commonplace book

The notes, underlines and summaries I scribble on my books need a digital home. I want to post [note]s and [[quotation]s while reading a book, and tag them with the name of the book. Also tag them with generic stuff like context, and specifically 'quote' and 'summary'. This way I'd be able to see all my notes for a book in one place (under its tag) and all summaries in general together too.

Books list and wishlist

Want to add the books that I am reading, and the ones that I want to read. Possibly differentiate the two with tags. The post should have the cover of the book so that I can have a grid of books that I own or read in 2015 etc. The wishlist too could be a grid.


Whenever I find a page that I need to read, I should add it as a private bookmark, with a tag "to read" or something. After reading, I can remove the tag and decide if I want to make the bookmark public, and also possibly add quotes.

Possibly need a bookmarklet for this.


This one is a bit complicated. I want to maintain a trail of how I find things on the internet/real world. For example:

  • See a tweet with a link
  • Add the link to read later
  • Read the article at the link
  • Find interesting things in it
    • Quotes (post the quotes along with bookmark to the link)
    • Books I'd like to read (add to wishlist)
    • More links (add to read later)


  • How do I maintain a link to a book that I've now added to my wishlist to the original tweet where I saw the link?
  • How do I link my bookmark with quotations to the tweet?
    • Should it be a repost instead?
    • But I need it as a bookmark for my archives, and need the quotes too.
  • What do I do when books refer me to other books?

I would like to have complete trails, so if I post a quote I should be able to find that its via a book, which is via another book, which is via a link, which is via a tweet.

Is this a bit much? Should I let it go?


no decided markup, how to theme? callback code is token? aaron's channels for post types? syndication links from micropub? something for people to @-mention?