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Pronouns: he/him/his

Web-developer (PHP, Python, Ruby, Go), blogger, photographer from Moscow, Russia.

Elsewhere:, Facebook,Twitter, GitHub, Instagram

Contact: Email: Telegram: @XXXXPro


My nickname pronounced like "four X pro". I am Web developer from Moscow, Russia. I write code mostly in PHP and JavaScript, have some knowledge of Python, Ruby and Go and remember a little of C and assembler from my student days. I like ideas of IndieWeb and I want to popularize them in Runet (Russian-speaking part of Internet) where almost nobody knows about IndieWeb for now.

My main project is Intellect Board (rus), written in PHP. My personal site,, runs on it. Initially it was created as forum engine, later I added blogs and microblogs, and now I am going to turn it to community/personal homepage engine and to add support for IndieWeb protocols of course. On my site I am trying to integrate IndieWeb principles with multiblog concept.

What is multiblog

Multiblog is multiple independent blog feeds belonging to same author on same domain. Each of them can be subscribed separately. The main difference between multiblog and just blog with categories is the main page of site. Typical blog just has some last posts (usually 10−20) on main page which can be from any category. The multiblog shows less posts (3−4), but from each category. This allows the seldom-written categories remain visible on the main page for all time. For example, my personal multiblog site consists of 6 blogs. But to diary blog I write posts almost daily, to the IT-blog — nearly monthly, and to others — 4−5 times in the year. If I use common blog, the main page of site will contain only diary posts for the most of time, but diary posts are less important than other blog themes.

My Itches

  • To turn my site to infohub (rus) — the place which comprises all my published data (to avoid "digital fragmentation") and reader for all important information streams: my friends' feeds from social networks, RSS subscriptions, notifications about answers to my posts. The streams are separated in different profiles: working, friends, intresting facts and so on, so I can easily switch them and view only that type of information which I need at this moment.

What I have already done

  • Added h-card and h-feed markup
  • Implemented IndieAuth server
  • Implemented OAuth authorization code and token endpoints
  • Implemented simple WebMentions server

Now working on

  • Adding MicroPub support
  • Adding PESOS from Instagram to my diary blog (via YourOwnGram)
  • Adding POSSE to Twitter,, Mastodon and, maybe, Facebook

Long-time plans

  • To implement WebMentions client
  • To add IndieAuth (or simply RelPathAuth) client with h-card parsing
  • To add a photogallery with POSSE to and Google Photos
  • To add h-entry parser to WebMentions server for detection of mention types