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Amit Gawande

Amit Gawande is a software developer by profession, a tinkerer on web by liking and an aspiring writer by choice. He is a learning IndieWeb enthusiast from Pune, India, completely enthralled by the activeness of the community.

Journey Embracing IndieWeb on Site

Amit's homepage is built with Hugo, deployed by Netlify and themed by a custom port of Ghostwriter theme. He has embraced IndieWeb principles across his website since 2018-01-25.


  • Micropub build ground up
  • Handle webmentions on posts more prominently and cleanly
  • Form for sending webmentions to post
  • Auto sending of webmentions to the referenced sites
  • Add support for more post-types, especially like-of, replies-to, bookmarks
  • Archive of all the posts spread across web on site