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Glenn Jones is a web designer and developer living in Brighton, UK. He loves exploring semantic mark-up and data portability ideas. He is a founder of Madgex and also develops open source software.


Transmat is the software I have written to power for my personal site It is not an open source at the moment. The sites/Transmats main features are:

  • Each page content page like notes are mark-up with microformats 2
  • The site has an authors h-card on every page
  • There is JSON endpoint for each piece of content i.e.
  • Full Twitter backfeed using Twitter archive file
    • h-cite for in-reply-to property
    • h-entry for comment property
    • u-syndication links to tweet
    • h-x-username username parsing
  • POSSE for Twitter
  • JSON based CRUD API - with Patch and JSON schema validation