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Jekmentions was a service that works as webmention endpoint and saves the received webmentions in a GitHub repository (shut down in 01-2016).

Development of the service was on GitHub.

Sites that use Jekmentions


Jekmentions works only with Jekyll sites hosted on GitHub pages, but, differently from Javascript-based webmention endpoints designed for static sites like and, Jekmentions doesn't require Javascript and doesn't store the contents of the received webmentions.

Instead, whenever Jekmentions receives a webmention, it pushes it to the GitHub repository which is hosting the Jekyll site, which then uses some magic to render that webmention in the correct page or post it belongs.

How to use

Jekmentions will save one file for each webmention received, all them inside the


directory on the root of the repository, and then under the path corresponding to the actual path of the page targeted:

Knowing that path and file structure, and reading about Jekyll collections, the feature that makes this possible, you can use your imagination and implement a layout that renders the webmentions at their correct page.

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