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A mentions page lists webmentions sent to a website.

"Mentions" may refer to:


A mentions page could be used to send notifications to a mobile app such as mention-app.

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki showed a list of mentions of his posts and home page from 2013-10-12 until 2015-12 at

Pelle Wessman

Pelle Wessman shows a list of mentions of his posts and homepage since 2015-07-29 at:

Amy Guy

Amy Guy shows a list of mentions of her posts (and homepage?) since 2015-08-13 at:

Marty McGuire

Marty McGuire shows a list of mentions of his home page since 2017-03-29 at:

Matthias Pfefferle

Kyle Mahan

Barnaby Walters

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich shows only homepage and other unassigned webmentions since 2016-04-15 at:

... add yourself if you have a mentions page

Silo Examples


Twitter shows a list of recent mentions for the currently logged in user here:

See also: notifications silo examples: Twitter

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