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nanopub is a micropub-endpoint for use with Hugo (but should work with any static site generator) written by Daniel Goldsmith.

Incoming post requests are written to JSON-frontmatter Hugo format and saved to the users content store.

  • Currently handles the following indieweb post-types:
    • Notes
    • Reply-to
    • Like-of
    • Articles
    • Replies
    • Bookmarks
    • Check-Ins
  • Supports header and form parameter methods of authentication
  • Supports creating posts using `x-www-form-urlencoded` syntax
  • Supports updating and deleting posts
  • Supports JSON syntax and source content query
  • Supports replacement and deletion of properties
  • As it uses a separate Media Endpoint it provides configuration query

nanopub additionally supports syndication of content to external silos. Currently it provides syndication to Twitter and Mastodon, with correct handling of twitter likes/retweets back to the silo.

An example is also provided of the script pinging the service to update the user's feed.

The code is self-explanatory and documented, and can be adjusted easily to meet different needs.

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