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Ekster is a Microsub server written in Go.

It was created by Peter Stuifzand on 2018-02-16 and released on 2018-05-16.

Running Ekster

See the README.md on Github.

Example with `ek`

From: https://publog.stuifzandapp.com/posts/701

Follow urls from an OPML file, by combining xmlstarlet and ek.

   # Connect to your homepage by following steps (open url and allow auth)
   ek connect https://example.com/
   # Create a channel for the feeds, this will show the ID.
   ek channels "Imported feeds"
   # Gather the feeds from the file and pipe these to "ek follow ID"
   xmlstarlet sel -t -v "//outline/@xmlUrl" hotlist.opml  | xargs -n 1 ek follow mtjTXQELiT60Wtm5ArVcLo5G