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I own: Notes

  • Currently using Wordpress, was using Known earlier.

Indieweb usage

  • using Post Kinds plugin
    • read - [PESOS from Goodreads] using a Zapier workflow that creates a post when I add a book to my #nowreading list on Goodreads. I then use Post Kinds to add more info and publish the post when I complete the book and syndicate manually to Goodreads.
    • photo - [PESOS from Instagram] imported from Instagram using Keyring Social Importer plugin
    • watch - [PESOS from Letterboxd] imported from Letterboxd using IFTTT to create a draft post

Sometimes I use multiple kinds for a post like a photo of a food at a restaurant that gets the eat, photo, and checkin treatment.

Undocumented Indieweb Usage

  • Support for audience using a modified version of the Keyring People and Places plugin. Examples: Bibliophiles
  • I tag people and places in posts using the Keyring People and Places plugin. Right now, they can be accessed from a private page.

= Issues with Indieweb

  • Having issues with Micropub plugin Resolved