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John Johnston


Pronouns: he/him/his

John Johnston is a primary school teacher who lives in Glasgow, Scotland .

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I am John Johnston a primary school teacher from Scotland. I've been blogging for a while, mostly about using technology in class.

I started installing the IndieWeb plugins on my site around the end of 2014, without doing a lot of reading or research. My interest in the indieweb was intensified when I backed on kickstarter.


Mostly which started on another domain (my school at the time) using pivot, migrated to its own domain in 2008 and changing to WordPress around 2013.

I use sempress and a child theme.


I'd like to figure out how I can get a bit more control of what is sent in a webmention. With my current set up a reply contains the quote and linkage (stripped of linkage), the contents of the comment and the WordPress like stuff: " Like this:Like Loadingโ€ฆ" I would like it just to send the contents of the comment.