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just started to reclaim my online identity, see Clearly I have a lot of road ahead, but I started!

Actually as you can read from the posts, I started writing about Online Identity Reclaimation at the beginning of June 2013 and I created a Jekyll website on aws S3 with my own domain **before** knowing about IWC!

Until a few days ago I could only discover the story of the federated social networking idea fromm the slideshares of Chris Messina. I was surprised that all got to a sudden stop in 2011. Then I found Laurent Eschenauer and I learned what happened from these 2 posts What happened to federated social networks? and 2010 - open standards, losing our independents

I must thank Laurent for pointing me towards #indieweb, and here I am!

I identify myself 100% with IWC ideas. I'm not a coder, but I want to contribute somehow. Maybe experimenting first-hand the intricacies of setting up an IndieWeb by a non-geek and sharing the experience, with the long term objective to design a process for creating an IndieWeb that is accessible also to non techies.

News! End of July 2013 I started working on a project to keep all my emails on a mailserver at home and leave the siloes. I presented the idea in the Italian startup community and it got very polarized feedbacks. By end of August I should be able to have it working and solve all the issues related to a private mailserver (blacklists and the like). I hope I can present my project at the UK camp next October!