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Brennan Novak

Co-founder, designer and UX lead of Mailpile. Creator of open source IndieWeb platform Social-igniter and daily emotional journaling / language processing project Emoome. Trying to bring that tactile Apple-like quality and usability to the Free and open source world!


  • Mailpile, a free / open source webmail solution
  • Social-Igniter, a free / open source social CMS for the IndieWeb
  • Emoome, an emotional journaling & visualization webapp


I am a fan and student of studying centralization / decentralization as I believe both are equally fascinating, relevant, and essential to almost all systems- especially technology. I see it as a yin / yang sort of thing, really.

I've been recently more and more obsessed with the idea that the sum of human problems stem from race conditions around resources and dissemination of information between crucial nodes in a given network- government, family, society, project, etc...

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