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Calagator is an event hosting silo and aggregator that supports importing events marked up with hCalendar.

POSSE to Calagator

It is possible to manually POSSE to Calagator. If you're doing so, maintain as many of your structured fields as possible.

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki manually POSSEs his indie events to Calagator since at least 2014-12-03. E.g.


  • Event pages support a limited subset of HTML for formatting and embedding images
  • Home page shows a list of upcoming events
  • Events can be tagged, and tag pages show upcoming and past events with that tag
  • Provides an iCal feed of events
  • Previous events can be cloned (rather than supporting recurring events)
  • Events can be listed as taking place at a venue, and venues have URLs that list all future and past events there
  • Import events from Facebook, hCalendar, iCalendar, Meetup, and Plancast

Feature Requests

Create from h-event

Ideally one should be able to automatically POSSE to Calagator, which, if issue 240 is implemented/resolved, then you should be able to do so with:

  • a curl GET of'+escape(indieEventPermalink)

Webmention RSVP support

It would be great to be able to:

  • post an indie RSVP post in-reply-to a Calagator event permalink (doable today per your own site)
  • send a webmention to Calagator
    • requires Calagator event permalinks have discoverable webmention endpoints
  • have Calagator process that RSVP response
    • requires Calagator's webmention endpoint to fetch/verify/ and check for RSVP markup
    • requires Calagator to handle webmention updates (e.g. for people changing their RSVP)
    • nice to have: Calagtor to handle webmention delete (e.g. for people that just want to delete any reference to an event at all)
  • have Calagator display that RSVP
    • requires Calagator's event RSVP designs to add show indie RSVPs in "Attending" (or Maybe or Not), along with when RSVP was posted/received, hyperlinked to permalink of RSVP

IndieAuth Sign-In

The instance at has been the target of some spam. Their solution was to add a captcha, which has eliminated most of the spam. For our purposes, it would be great if it also supported IndieAuth sign-in.

Using Calagator for IndieWeb Events

We've had some discussion about creating a separate events site for IndieWeb events outside of the wiki, which could solve some of the challenges of using our wiki to maintain events lists. Below is a list of what about the Calagator software would need to change to be able to support our use cases.


These features must be in Calagator in order for it to match our use cases. In other words, without these, there is no reason to start using Calagator.

  • Restrict editing to logged-in users open issue
  • Timezones per event open issue
  • Multi-city events or sub/parent events may be a dealbreaker or might not. some of this can be solved with tags, or including links between events
  • ...

Good Ideas

Things that would make Calagator a significant improvement over our current solution, but can wait until after an initial launch.

  • Sub-events/parent events. e.g. each city's HWC could be linked as a sub-event of the main "HWC April 11th" event. Currently Calagator would have each city listed as a totally separate event with individual venues.
  • Calagator events should support receiving Webmention and accepting and showing indie RSVP responses. (Not required since our current wiki does not support this either.)
    • Show Webmention comments
    • Show photos received via Webmention comments
  • Upload photos to events afterwards (currently possible by using img tags and hotlinking files from the wiki or elsewhere)
  • ...

Complete Solution

The features below would mean Upcoming would be the only solution we would need for events.

  • Have some from of ticketing,
    • Registering for free tickets, without first signing in with your website
    • Handling payment for Indie Web Summit ticket sales
  • ...

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