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We'll schedule the sessions on the day of the camp! See Schedule for an overall outline of the timeslots. Feel free to brainstorm ideas of sessions you'd like to talk about, or you'd like someone else to talk about.

For more examples, see 2011's sessions page.

See: 2012 Schedule.


Add your session ideas for things you want to talk / lead a discussion about. Be sure to add your name.

Own Your Comments

Proposed by Aaron Parecki

This session is about IndieWeb Commenting and feedback systems.

What does it mean to post a comment in an indie web? As the author of a comment, you should own and control it, most likely you should post it on your own site. But we still want to have the benefits of centralized commenting systems like seeing a list of all comments left on a post, filtering spam comments, etc.

One way to handle comments is through the pingback or trackback protocols, both of which are widely implemented in many major blogging platforms. We can discuss the merits and drawbacks of each, and other possible solutions. A workshop session could involve implementing trackbacks/pingbacks on your own site, or implementing a new mechanism for using them.

Also see: backfeed

You Own Your Observations

Proposed by Ben Atkin

The TOS of twitter says that you own what you post, but what can you do with it? Twitter doesn't have a list of hashtags for a user, so it's hard to search, and there's also no way to plug in a date and see tweets on that date.

Also there are some things I'd like to keep private, or think about for a while before posting, and it isn't until I've already typed it that I find this out.

What I want is another way to post observations that is as convenient as twitter, but lets me share, or not, as I see fit. I want it to keep a private, searchable log, of everything I post. Ideally entries would be versioned too.


Stuff you'd like to see sessions about.

Positives instead of non-negatives: How to promote owning your own content with positive reasons, instead of saying it avoids a bunch of negative things. We need to acknowledge that humans are motivated by positive reinforcement.

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