Positives instead of non-negatives

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Random braindump by bslatkin:

I've found that often people explain the reasons for the indie web as a bunch of non-negatives:

  • They won't monetize without your permission
  • They won't use your face in advertising
  • They won't delete all your data without you knowing about it
  • They won't keep you from taking your data with you
  • ... And so on

To be successful in this we need to find a way to explain the value of owning your content online in a positive way. It needs to be understood as gaining rights or value. It cannot be explained as not having something negative happen. Most people do not feel the pressure of opportunity cost.

What are the direct positives of owning your own content? How can we understand what features and messaging appeals to the normal folks out there that we eventually want to have embrace this movement? I'm proposing to run a series of consumer-focused surveys while at the conference to determine this. I need help in coming up with the best questions that will figure this out.