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IndieWebCampUK: from through at The Skiff, Brighton, England.

Additional URLs:


For IndieWebCampUK, we've opened up registration to the first 50 apprentices and indieweb creators who sign-up.


We'd prefer that you Sign-in with your personal domain and add yourself to the guest list below, however, as an apprentice you may also just:

indieweb creators

Sign-in with your personal domain to edit the guest list and add yourself.

Using your Google Profile as your Open ID is not good enough! Using your Facebook page as your identity is not good enough!

Follow the short and easy instructions to set up your own domain with 'Web sign-in.

Like IndieWebCamp 2012, IndieWebCampUK 2012 encourages active creators to help focus the limited time we have on productive real world discussions and code/design/ux sharing that will help us move forward.

Being a creator means you must do one or more of:

  • code. create or contribute to indieweb open source projects
  • design. create or contribute to indieweb designs, graphic, layout, adaptive or otherwise.
  • ux. create wireframes or other indieweb user interface flows

As an indieweb creator, you must be using the things you create (code, design, ux) on your personal site.

As an indieweb camp creator, you must share at least some small part of what you create and run on your personal site.

Still not sure if you're an indieweb creator?

Check out the Creator wiki page.

apprentices to creators

Perhaps you don't have a personal site.

Perhaps you're a creator, but only for other people, and don't actively create things for your own site.

Maybe you're really excited about the IndieWeb and want to join it as soon as you can!

You can still attend IndieWebCampUK as an apprentice, either with a creator or as a independent.

If you're not a creator, but want to be, or want to create and contribute to the indieweb but don't know where to start, RSVP on Lanyrd and then team up with an indieweb creator to help you out..

In the meantime, be sure to get setup with your own personal identity so you can contribute to the wiki, and start learning what you can do to add your personal site to the indie web.

Official Guest List

Venue Capacity: 50

  • signed-up: 11 (including 0 apprentices)
  • spots remaining: 39

Want to help? Sign up to volunteer!.

Create your account, then add yourself below with:

  • Photo - hotlinked .jpg/.png on your own site so when you update it, it's always fresh here.
  • Name - Your name linked to your wiki user page (optionally a link to your company/organization/project(s) after your name)
  • Personal URL - your personal indieweb site (will be auto-linked by the wiki)
  • Stuff I create on/for my site - link(s) to the code/design/ux shared projects that you create/iterate/contribute to that you run on your indieweb site. e.g. links to github or even directly to files on your own site as long as they have self-contained open source or content licensing as appropriate.
  • Other - links to your other profiles (Twitter, Github, Lanyrd, Jam, etc.)

Finally, add:

  • IndieWebCamp buttons to your website


Alphabetically sorted by full display name.

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
andy-t.jpg Andy Hume (The Guardian) http://andyhume.net/ @andyhume
meRaglan100.jpg Barnaby Walters (Independent) http://waterpigs.co.uk/ CodeIgniter based POSSE system. @barnabywalters
emil.jpg Emil Björklund (inuse.se) http://ebdesign.se/ @ThatEmil, @emilbjorklund (sv_SE)
erinjorichey_reasonably_small.png Erin Jo Richey (Independent) http://erinjorichey.com/ @erinjo, flatfrogblog.com

headshot1.jpg Glenn Jones (Independent) http://glennjones.net/ @glennjones, github.com/glennjones

me-helmet.jpg Jeremy Keith (Clearleft) http://adactio.com/ @adactio, github.com/adactio, huffduffer.com/adactio, flickr.com/photos/adactio
josh-128.jpg Josh Emerson (Clearleft) http://joshemerson.co.uk @joshje, github.com/joshje
Picture-8-blog.png Josh Russell (Bonfire) http://joshrussell.com @joshr, github.com/joshr, flickr.com/photos/joshrussell
ket-profile-tron-twestival_t.jpeg Ketan Majmudar (Independent) http://stereoartist.com/ @ketan, github.com/stereoket, flickr.com/photos/spiritquest
square-128.png Marko Mrdjenovič (Independent) http://friedcell.si/ @friedcell
logo.jpg Tantek Çelik (Mozilla) http://tantek.com/ CASSIS JS∩PHP (on github), Whistle (URL shortener), Falcon (my CMS), RelMeAuth @t, github.com/tantek
125px-User-tommorris-avatar.jpg Tom Morris http://tommorris.org @tommorris, github.com/tommorris


Apprentices, add yourselves with your name, personal URL (if any), Creator, more info. Alphabetically sorted by given name.

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Apprentice Of More info
6362d0b8d7ec2569efb18152a0589f6d?x=.jpg Aral Balkan http://aralbalkan.com/ Tantek Çelik @aral

Remote Participants

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
photo.jpg Aaron Parecki (Geoloqi.com) http://aaronparecki.com/ Photo Archiver, IndieWeb Reply, IndieAuth, Pingback API @aaronpk, github.com/aaronpk
share-128.jpg Jan-Christoph Borchardt (Unhosted), attending remotely from the Unhosted Unconference if there is wifi http://jancborchardt.net Libre Projects, UX Focus, Unhosted, ownCloud, Terms of Service; Didn’t Read @jancborchardt, github.com/jancborchardt
a799ac043470aa52541b7400ea98b4e4.media.128x128.jpg Glenn Y. Rolland (Gnuside) attending remotely from Paris. http://glenux.net Qasim, FirstBrick, BarcampGarden, @glenux, @gnuside, github.com/glenux, github.com/Gnuside

120px-xtof_pic.jpg Christophe Ducamp attending remotely from Paris. http://xtof.me/wiki BarcampGarden team to be tested during BarcampBankParis8 @xtof_fr


Folks that can't make it (but hopefully can participate before/after remotely!)

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
gravatar.jpg Andrew Cherry (ArtSpotter) http://xyncro.com @kolektiv github.com/kolektiv
blaine-not-a-logo.jpg Blaine Cook (Independent) http://romeda.org/ Webfinger, OAuth, rePublish Free HTML-based ePub reader @blaine, github.com/blaine

avatar128.jpg Hannah Donovan http://hannahdonovan.com Writing/thoughts on design, Spacelog @han, This Is My Jam, Lanyrd

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