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Want to help out with making IndieWebCamp happen? Sign-up as a volunteer or contact a planner to help plan!

We need lots of help with 2012 planning and site updates!

Find something on the to-do list you can help with, or if you find things (pages) that need fixing/updating for 2012 - add them there.


  • Aaron Parecki - server admin, food, sponsors
  • Amber Case - promotion
  • Tantek Çelik - facilities coordination, venue acquisition, attendee Q&A, wiki-gardening, meta-planning
  • ...
  • (please contact one of the current planners before signing up here)


  • Crystal Beasley - design, logo, badges
  • Jason Grlicky - badge (redesign,) printing, reception
  • Erin Jo Richey - Sunday lunch delivery driver
  • ... many others - bringing chairs up from the Nedspace basement and back down
  • ... everyone: clean-up. Thanks!
  • add yourself if you'd like to help out!


Roles (we need to assign these to planners to make sure they happen). Much of this has to do with getting and managing sponsors and volunteers.

  • venue: Aaron Parecki & Amber Case (volunteered Geoloqi offices). was:Tantek (had: Urban Airship)
  • chairs: Aaron (borrowing chairs from Nedspace downstairs)
  • server admin, website registration: Aaron
  • volunteer coordinator: Crystal
  • badge printing: Jason
  • reception, greeting, making sure people were registered: Jason
  • food: Aaron Parecki, Amber Case. sponsors for:
    • healthy snacks: Urban Airship
    • coffee: Mozilla
    • June 30 breakfast: Geoloqi
    • June 30 lunch: (opted for food carts field trip)
    • July 1 breakfast: Geoloqi
    • July 1 lunch: StatusNet
    • beer: Urban Airship


We need folks to help out on the day of IndieWebCamp. Please sign-up and we'll figure out roles / timeslots:

  • ... (your name here!)
  • ...


  • registration: (2 people per slot). greet people at the door, be friendly, check names, hand out badges, help answer questions.
    • June 30 hour 1:
    • June 30 hour 2:
  • food setup (1 per slot) - when sponsored food arrives, help set it up and coordinate with the delivery person
    • June 30 lunch:
    • July 1 breakfast:
    • July 1 lunch:


  • Lunch: Nicholas Catering - $360
  • Breakfast: Safeway - $48.54