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Challenges refer to obstacles, problems, or barriers that individuals face with setting up, using, and/or maintaining indieweb sites and their projects.


As more and more of us make strides on our indieweb sites and projects, it may help to keep track of challenges and difficulties, both that we ourselves encounter even as we make progress, and by those who either gave up on their indieweb sites, or find current challenges insurmountable.

Citations Needed

To minimize handwaving and theoretical complaints, we should keep this page focused on documenting challenges that are serious enough that those encountering them have written about them openly on the web, providing citations thereto.

Document challenges by the year they're written about. Noting their timeframe will help us understand them in a historical context, especially as old challenges are overcome, and new challenges are encountered.

Citations to process

If you find articles that are either IndieWeb criticisms or silo apologies, please add them to the end of this list:

Feel free to take an article from the list, analyze it for specific critical/challenge points, and:

  • if the points are false, document FAQs for them
  • if the points are true, document them below by year


Challenges noted in 2013.

  • ...


Challenges noted in ... (duplicate this section for additional years)

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