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Static dynamics was a session at IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2017.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/static


  • sebastian (session faciliator)
  • walter ebert
  • dominic
  • amber
  • cweiske
  • tobi


why static

  • no running code on the server, no plugins, no security problems
  • no maintenance
  • speed - pages do not have to generated on request

what needs to be dynamic?

  • sending webmentions
  • receiving webmentions
  • search
  • display comments and likes

why webmentions

  • feedback even after months




  • cweiske uses stapibas that sends webmentions to links in his feed

what is "dynamic"?

  • is next day enough?
  • dominic: if it isn't nearly instant, don't have comments. no discussion otherwise
    • slow conversations vs. ideas bouncing around
  • long posts don't require instant comments
  • twitter-sized posts only thrive through instant comment display

problems with webmentions / comments

  • moderation takes time

problems with jekyll =

  • ruby, hard to install
  • webmentiont theme required multiple plugins that did not work with each other or the ruby versions required by the other plugins
  • alternative: hyde, used by sebastian

idea for static+dynamic comments

1. use webmention.io to display fresh comments via javascript 2. fetch comments from there when rebuilding static page, bake them into the generated site 3. webmention.io can go down, and one would only lose comments since last build of the site

text serialization: HTML or markdown?

  • some use markdown
  • some HTML
  • markdown is limiting
  • HTML is sometimes too heavy, when you want to concentrate on writing

where to run dynamic things?

  • own server
  • online service
  • at home