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Static Sites


GitPub https://github.com/bcomnes/gitpub will be a micropub endpoint to go from micropub client -> git repository which will support eg github pages

webmention.js https://github.com/bcomnes/webmention.js a proof of concept to add dynamic webmention conversation streams to a static site, a la disqus

jden.us is talking about is static sites. he uses github pages as a way to host simple static html pages. mostly just updated by hand.

also using js apps on a single page, using the url as a primary input for the app


crystal is showing her static sites integration with mail chimp. It use a simple form element that submits to an external website. using mailchimp as a database

Sean is piping jinja template output through beautiful soup in order to clean up the generated html. tempting systems generate messy or hard to read html sometimes.

paul flask frozen freezes the output of a rendered sites

ways to store state:

  • url hash
  • third party service / widgets
  • your own db
  • git repository / github gist

if you had to work on one thing for a static website tomorrow, what would you do?

  • build a gitpub app / web interfaces for modifying content in a git repository

patterns for extending static sites with indieweb integrations:

  • have a separate service which modifies the static content directly (eg modifying a git repository) and responds to endpoints
  • embed js widgets to pull in data from another service (which you can host or your friend can host for you - can be multitenant, eg)

canonical format for content: html or markdown or other?

  • consensus roughly around markdown


  • http://git-annex.branchable.com/ - store references to files (like images) in git
  • tin eye - reverse image search good for locating image ownership
  • s3 / Internet Archive S3-compatible api
  • Git repo on s3 to keep separate image files out of the main git repo
  • Internet archive will also host videos and

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