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2016 homepage is a project to refine the IndieWebCamp wiki's homepage or redesign it altogether that was completed and launched in 2016.


Because we can improve the site homepage! For example, make it responsive and accessible to more generations.


Note: we are not trying to redesign the whole site. Just the homepage and its content.


Please add any new issues here:

Past issues:


Some examples to look at of nice homepages (ideally of active creator-centric communities)

Community website home pages (that are more than just a single project)

  • ... still looking for good examples of such

Project-specific examples of nice homepages:

Generic wireframe examples:

which one of the two possible websites are you currently designing? CaOvCDjWQAQgjW7.png


If you wish to actively help with this project, please list yourself here and be reasonably (e.g. daily) available on IRC


2016-06-04 to 2016-07-04

Homepage after Mediawiki theme switch at 2016 IndieWeb Summit, but before heavy curation and redesign on and right after 2016-07-04:

Notable changes:

  • new logo
  • switch to Mediawiki default "Vector" skin

2011 to 2016-06-03

Previous homepage design from 2011 to 2016-06-03:

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