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2016 newskin is a project to switch the IndieWebCamp default skin to a modern MediaWiki skin, such as vector, before the IndieWeb Summit 2016 day 1. Final steps and switchover should be completed by or during day 0.


We need to switch the wiki to a default built-in skin that is compatible with MediaWiki updates.


Note: we are only trying to make the wiki compatible with the "vector" skin.

Doing anything else (e.g. changing page/edit/watch etc. links, or the broader set of things that the 2014 wiki/redesign attempted) is a non-goal.


You can preview any page on the wiki in the default "vector" skin. E.g.:


Please note any issues in the preview of any page here:

add more...

To Do

  • Update pages as needed to work with the Vector skin in the current version of MediaWiki.
  • Upgrade MediaWiki to a recent version.
  • Make CSS changes and minor HTML changes to the Vector skin to customize it for our needs. (e.g. adding the next event in the header like the current skin)


  • Switch the default skin.
  • Set $wgLogo to the URL path to the new logo
  • CSS to float:right the TOC on all pages by default (instead of having to manually do it as on 2016).
  • Fix logo in top left to not be artifacty, and hopefully higher resolution for retina displays too per: https://twitter.com/sentience/status/739605100256067585 (switched to SVG logo)
  • ...


If you wish to actively help with this project, please list yourself here and be reasonably (e.g. daily) available on IRC.


As pages are previewed, and obviously page-specific problems fixed (preferably in a backward-compatible manner so they work today with the current skin and with the vector preview), list them here:

This does not need to be a complete list, but hopefully by manually inspecting / fixing a few different kinds of pages, we can gain an understanding of what broader changes may be necessary.


2016-06-04 to 2016-07-03

Uncustomized homepage with new wiki skin:

2011 to 2016-06-03

Previous wiki design:

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