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The Organizers' Summit is a half-day of activities and sessions before IndieWeb Summit 2016, for everyone who has co-organized an IndieWebCamp from 2014-2016 or at least two Homebrew Website Club meetups, and posted at least one meetup photo. If you're not sure, ask an organizer.


  • Garden Bar, 25 NW 11th Ave
  • Vadio, 919 SW Taylor, 3rd Floor (same venue as IndieWeb Summit)


Friday 2016-06-03:

  • 12:00 Organizers' Summit (OS) start & intros (Meet at Garden Bar)
  • 13:00 Organizers' Summit Sessions (move to Vadio)
  • 17:00 Organizers' Summit Wrap-up & Next Steps
  • 17:30 Organizers' Summit close.


Please add yourself below if you will be participating in the Organizers' Summit (alphabetical by full name)

Remote Participation

If you can't make it in person but you're available to participate remotely, please add yourself below

  • Ben Roberts - Not sure how much I will be able to attend as this falls smack in the middle of moving houses, but I will be on as much as I can.
  • Jeena Paradies - It's a bit faar but I will attend remote, sounds cool!
  • Joschi Kuphal IRC and video (at least part-time)
  • Kevin Marks IRC and video
  • Marc Thiele - would be fab to have the option. Sadly I can't make it to Portland. Away with the family. But hope to have a connection to be part remotely
  • Ryan Barrett I'll be on IRC!
  • ...


Sorry to miss you, let us know if you can't make it and we'll try to reach out with specifics that may apply to your city.

  • Pelle Wessman – Sadly don't think I can make it to Portland this year and due to the time zones remote attendance will be hard.
  • Kartik Prabhu
  • Sandro Hawke can't make it until Friday night
  • ...


See more photos: IndieWeb Organizers' Summit 2016 Portland set by Julie Anne Noying

Lunch to go (eat outside) - photos and animated gif by Julie Anne Noying

Tantek Çelik: a few photos:



If you will be participating in the Day 0 Organizers' Summit, please add your session ideas here with name, hashtag, and session idea name. Please add nested list-items with "+1 yourname" for sessions you want to participate in!

event registration

Timebox: 15 min.


Timebox: 1 hour





Timebox: 1 hour

rename to indieweb

Main article: rename to IndieWeb
  • Aaron Parecki (for Ben Roberts) Rename main IndieWebCamp identity to "IndieWeb" - indiewebcamp.com redirect to indieweb.org, change IRC channel from #indiewebcamp to #indieweb and other related #indieweb-* channels. Maybe keep a separate channel for logs of camps and HWCs so as not to make it difficult for people to read when there is a camp going on (i'm probably going too far with that). All channels being bridged between slack would be nice as well.
    • +1 Aaron Parecki
    • Michael Bishop potentially move Loqi notifications regarding wiki edits to -dev or some other internal channel. Also think about testing wiki definitions outside of main channel. I would also suggest thinking about the retweets and other automated messages in the channel intended for newcomers be minimized if possible.
  • ...


  • create a new page with the proposal and details
  • encourage +1/0/-1 on the proposal (like we did with the logo)
  • goal: flip the switch on 2016-07-04


  • Shane Becker #homepage: Outside of the scope of the newskin, I think we can make the homepage better or redesign it altogether.
    • +1 gRegor Morrill
    • +1 Kyle Mahan
    • +1 Aaron Parecki I support this, but it's a dangerous rabbit hole to go down, and likely requires more time than a single session at this event. Maybe we can come up with some goals for what a new homepage should do as an outcome of this discussion.

Like: (good examples that have gotten good feedback in)

  • 2016.indieweb.org
  • atom.io


  • Tantek Çelik #newskin! Finalize new wiki skin changes, update/upgrade the wiki as needed, with new theme, new logo, etc.

Task List

  • Wiki skin
    • Upload new logo and switch wiki skin to Vector completed 2016-06-04
    • Copy sponsor logos to home page
    • completed ????-??-??
  • Create multiple Freenode IRC channels and mirror them to Slack
    • #indieweb - main channel, tweets and superfeedr search for "indieweb"
    • #indieweb-dev - development chatter, jargon is fine, wiki edits go here, spec-related tweets here
    • #indieweb-wordpress
    • #indieweb-chat - off-topic chatter, not publicly logged
    • completed 2017-02-04 [1]
  • Write a wiki page proposal about wiki name change (indiewebcamp.com -> indieweb.org) completed 2016-06-07: rename to IndieWeb
    • Including list of work: redirects, subdomains, channels
  • Hide RTs for recently-tweeted tweets
    • completed ????-??-??
  • Home page
    • Move events content from home page to events.indieweb.org or for the time being, /events
    • Make the content appropriate for the next generation of people that we want to attract
    • Make sure home page is still personable, has photos, shows community

Next Time

  • "goodie bags" for organizers with things like:
    • packets of stickers (e.g. with the new logo, microformats, webmention, etc.) for handing out at their next HWC meetups or IWCs.
  • ...

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