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Comic of two people walking away from a warehouse store, one with a large cart of many boxes labeled with JavaScript toolchain tools, and another carrying a small box in his arms labeled HTML & CSS, with the former asking the latter a question about his choice. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the language used to create web pages, one of the building blocks of the IndieWeb.

How to

    • "Of course, when I mention HTML and content, it should be understood with all the nuance that is implied, from well-structured and written content, image captions, accessibility parameters, tidy and well-structured syntax, not only responsive but adaptive data + microformats." @ludvikherrera February 4, 2022

For how to use HTML to build web applications, see:


  • 2018-04-02 "8 yo: We're learning to make websites at school.
    Me: Awesome, are you using Google Sites or something.
    8 yo opens a text editor and types in 6 valid lines of html.
    Me: ...
    8 yo: Dad, why are you crying?" @ethanwhite April 2, 2018

"Write code, not too much, mostly HTML"

"HTML. It is the foundation of all web content. No matter what changes in the world of JavaScript. Always start with HTML. #HTML #A11y"

    • "The more I look at #webdev as a not-full-time practitioner, the more I start to appreciate what I think of as the #indieweb position:
      The basic document structure of the web is #HTML.
      The basic layout engine is #CSS.
      The more that a framework leverages these things directly--puts them in front of code authors and also expresses them clearly in its output, the better it is.
      The more a framework hides or misrepresents them or doesn't engage with their semantics, the worse it is."
      @raphaelluckom December 8, 2022


Command Line

  • pup - a tool for extracting information from HTML at the command-line.


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