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All text and images contributed to the wiki are released to the public domain per CC0, as they were required to be copyright owned by the contributor prior to contribution and agreed to CC0 upon wiki editing, or already in the public domain or equivalent when contributed.

If you see something which is not public domain, please notify an administrator in the IRC channel so that it can be removed.



… microformats wiki to require that all contributions be placed into the public domain. This means that any page created, or any content added to the microformats wiki from here forward is placed into the public domain for maximum possible reuse.

We take these steps to make the microformats open standards as open as possible.

Web standards:

The definition of protocols such as HTTP and data formats such as HTML are in the public domain and may be freely used by anyone. Tim BL

Web software:

Berners-Lee initially considered releasing it [the WorldWideWeb browser editor software] under the GNU General Public License, but eventually opted for public domain to maximize corporate support.

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