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Movable Type is commercial blogging software written in Perl and originally released in 2001.


Many, very active 10+ year old blogs use Movable Type, e.g.,

This makes it an interesting case study for longevity.

IndieWeb Examples

The above sites are all "independent" even "indieweb" by at least some IndieMark measure.

However, no one active in the indiewebcamp community currently uses Movable Type.

Would be great to get one or more the above examples involved in the community!

Database and Static Files

Movable type is interesting in the database debate. It uses a database, but renders all pages to static files by default. So sites made with it tend to be less fragile and persist longer

-- on IRC


Movable Type Outreach

Q: Do we have a moveable type outreach group? (Possible candidate? )

A: Not at the moment, as we don't even have any indieweb community members using Movable Type to do the outreaching (in contrast to the WordPress Outreach Club).

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