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This template is used to turn a wiki page into a slideshow for presentation during IndieWebCamp events.

Including the CSS

On a wiki page that you want to use as a slideshow, include this template in the page:


Wiki Syntax

Add a "start presentation" button by adding the following template near the top of the page, passing in the fragment ID of your first slide.



The basic wiki structure of individual slides is as follows

<div class="slide">
== Slide Name ==

Slide content goes here as normal wiki text.

* lists
* are
* great

<div class="slide-footer">{{slideshow/next|Next_Slide_ID}} other text is allowed here</div>

MediaWiki will generate fragment IDs for the headings by converting spaces to underscores and escaping special characters. You should avoid using special characters in headings. You'll need to create the links to the next slide using these fragment IDs.

Last Slide

To end the slideshow, use {{slideshow/done}} instead of {{slideshow/next}} in the footer of your last slide.

You should probably include the table of contents at the bottom of the page. It's not a requirement that it's at the bottom, but it will probably look best. The table of contents does need to be on the page in order for navigation to work.