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Alison Wheeler


Pronouns: she/her

Chat Nickname: AlisonW

Elsewhere: @AlisonW

Slack - AlisonW
Twitter - @AlisonW
Github - AlisonW

Pretty much I'm AlisonW everywhere, and where I'm not I'm AlisonWheeler. Based in and just north of London, England I've been hacking computers and what goes on them for ::cough::45 years::cough::. Mozillian, Wikimedian, geek.

I've used a range of options for my personal sites over the years, from hand-written html through off-the-shelf stuff to my own systems, but always on my own servers. Recently I've been trying out known (at but while it's great for many things I'm finding it too limiting for some of my wants and too overkill for other needs. As such I've been revising the system I wrote in around 2013 with updated indieweb concepts now baked in which is being worked on offline and at