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Benjamin Chait

Benjamin Chait



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Contact: email/imessage: hello (at) benjaminchait (dot) net


working on

personal website

I’ve had a personal site under my domain since 2003. It started as simple HTML/CSS pages; was later a bespoke, hand-crafted blog; at one point ran Movable Type; became static HTML/CSS again; and for a long time was running as a simple WordPress instance.

In the fall of 2020, I finally migrated my personal website from WordPress to a static site. I did this primarily so my “source” content (eg. blog posts) were in simple text docs (written in Markdown) and so I could stop worrying about software and security updates. I like that I can change my static site generator with relative ease (content is independent of the build/layouts/etc); and that I can easily change the underlying build infrastructure, should I ever want or need.

Currently, I’m exploring opportunities to expand and personalize a static site, and came back to HWC to learn what I’ve missed out in the past few years.

other sites

I’m also helping to build and maintain a few academic lab-related sites, to enable groups of scientists to collaborate and share their work publicly. Much of this comes from using a static site generator myself; and spending time to simplify and work through content strategies, as well as sharing best practices and what I’ve learned with others.