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Katherine M. Moss

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hi! I'm Katherine "Kat" Moss. I am from Boston Massachusetts, and really proud of it. I have been an Indieweb citizen since May of 2019, and my mind has been aglow ever since with ideas (see iches.) For the moment, you can find me: sitting at a piano, coding in either C# or PowerShell, or assisting somewhere in the community. My favourite stacks are .NET, PHP, Microsoft Windows, and OpenSUSE Linux.

Chat Nickname: cambridgeport90

Elsewhere: twitter faith and metiphysical topic-based blog my LinkTree Instagram youtube

Contact: send me an email


  • Modify the autonomie theme so that it will show the timestamp of a post if not already done. (not having timestamps showing is starting to drive me nuts.)
  • Create a webmention sender in order to be able to send webmentions from other .NET Core/NET Framework APIs
  • Get enough of a hang of the PHP language so that the Read post kind will support reading status through open library