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Pronouns: he/him/his

design enthusiast, podcast host

Chat Nickname: chaitanya

Elsewhere: GitHub



Hello there! My name is Chaitanya. I started using Weebly, Wix and around the age of 12. Soon, I was hooked to self-hosted Wordpress. In January 2019, I experimented with and finally settled with it in June 2020.

Just copy/paste: {{chaitanya}} into the page where it should appear.

My Sites

Active Sites

  • 🌱 is my only active site since early 2019. It is powered by WordPress with IndieWeb principles, styled with SemPress and custom CSS. Hopefully, it lasts longer than myself. Previously hosted at Github Pages (till May 2020) and (till August 2020).

Defunct Sites

  • ⚰️ (2014-2017)
  • ⚰️ (2017-2019)
  • ⚰️ (2017-18)
  • ⚰️ (2019-20)

IndieWeb Experience

IndieWebCamp West 2020

  • Completed 4 steps of wikifying myself on IndieWeb.
  • Added hover-cards on single reply pages (experimental).
  • Added an option to highlight and annotate on my site using
  • All my annotations from get posted on my site.
  • My micro posts get posted on a Telegram channel using IFTTT.