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Chris Jones


Enraged pedestrian. Flรขneur. Hiker. Explorer. Web developer. Photographer. Daydreamer. Recluse. Road full of promise, head full of doubt. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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I’m a web developer during the day. I’ve been known to listen to music, take photographs, and read books. I love to hike and travel.

My site

I wrote:

  • the CMS that lets me administer my website
  • a location/checkin PWA to help update my site with my current location
  • a small analytics script to help me understand my visitors and what they're interested in on my site
  • an API to pull my data from various sources, including my own website
  • a little bookmarklet to collect bookmarks to display on my site
  • a little bookmarklet to collect likes to display on my site
  • an iOS Shortcut to export that days steps to a database

Always tinkering.


  • Figure out a way to send proper reply webmentions, specifically adding mf2 in markdown editor
  • Writing/posting more than just every couple of weeks