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Pronouns: he/him

A community builder who blogs about technology, communities and life.

Elsewhere: Mastodon, GitHub

Juhis is a community builder, blogger and public speaker who writes about technology, communities, events and life at

Originally from Finland, adventures have taken him to do projects and work in Shanghai, San Francisco and Berlin. All those adventures have had an impact on his view of the world and creativity.

Juhis advocates for open web where information is shared openly on platforms that don't require specific memberships or accounts.

In his daily life, he runs developer communities for frontend and Python developers.

His main website is which is built with Eleventy and has RSS feed, a blog roll and possibly working Webmentions.

Some future projects are to add improved pages for feeds.

Indie Web Carnival



Juhis will be hosting the Indie Web Carnival on May 2024 on the topic of creative environments.