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Trying to layout a set up that creates a server that does many things that browser plug-ins do. Fed up with plug-ins since mozilla/firefox not only killed the rss reader (that I didn't care fore) but also discovery. Now I need a plug-in that tries to subscribe me to some service I'm not interested in.

The idea is to inject a bit of html/css/javascript with an overlay and a button. If wanted a click on the button sets a little web server to work to process the page and discover stuff. Send the discoveries back to the browser and display in the overlay.

Could be used for bookmarking, reply webmentions, form filling, passwords etc. No more syncing stuff, all in one place. SquidClamav would be a nice to have. Maybe a local CDN?

The certificate stuff and sslbump is fiddly. Takes some effort to be lazy.

Stunnel Squid ICAP flow links to an auto generated image by plantuml. Copy the link and and paste in the lowest box on PlantUML Server. The script will be extracted to edit.