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Jack Jamieson

Jack Jamieson is a researcher and web dev from Toronto, Canada.

IndieWeb Projects

  • Yarns Microsub Server. Building upon Yarns Indie Reader to create a microsub server WordPress plugin. Not quite in working order yet but coming along well!

  • (on hold while I focus on Yarns Microsub Server) A wordpress-based feed reader named Yarns Indie Reader. Trying to incorporate my favourite parts of Woodwind and WhisperFollow, plus scratch a few itches not covered by those.


  • Get Yarns Microsub Server in working order. Pretty close as of now (July 2018), but working through some parsing issues.
    • Currently only parses h-feeds, need to port RSS/Atom support from Yarns Indie Reader
    • Would like to add support for indiepaper
    • Currently polls every hour, adding websub would be nice