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Jack Jamieson

Jack Jamieson is a researcher and web developer from Toronto, Canada.

IndieWeb Projects

  • My dissertation research investigates the role of values in designing alternative web infrastructures, with IndieWeb as my main site. Writing about how designers incorporate values into design decisions, with particular attention to labour, interoperability, and balances between individuals and collectives.
  • Customized child theme based on SemPress. A few bugs to work out but I keep getting distracted with other projects. It'd be nice to open-source eventually, but it's a bit messy now and relies on some hard-coded elements that I don't think would be useful for others.


Continue improving Yarns Microsub server.

  • Figure out how to add WebSub support.
  • Add Muting/Blocking etc. (TBH, not sure it's that important since there's no discovery so it'd be easy to unfollow someone instead, but I'd like to fulfill those parts of the spec)

New layout for my website. I'm happy overall, but a few bugs to work out:

  • SVG header is cropped on Webkit browsers (which means it displays incorrectly on iOS)
  • Some fonts are too small / difficult to read
  • Want to add :before labels for a few more post kinds that I missed (e.g. bookmarks)

Been thinking a bit about some sort of shared block list/moderation service. Not sure if this is really my wheelhouse, but I'm pretty impressed with ideas like near moderation in Secure_Scuttlebutt. I currently just follow feeds directly, and no one I follow shares anything I'd want to block, but if I were to rely on some kind of discovery or if I expanded my list of feeds, a better moderation system would be nice.

POSSE bookmarks to Pocket.

  • I have a kobo ereader that syncs with a Pocket account, and I like that reading interface for longer articles. As a result I store a lot in Pocket that I haven't bookmarked on my site, which I'm not happy about.