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Hi! My name is Jan, and I've been building websites since the early '00s, back when web standards and semantic markup first became a real thing. More recently, I created several IndieWeb-adjacent WordPress plugins, and a couple Laravel packages.

My IndieWeb Setup

My personal website is powered by WordPress (and the IndieBlocks plugin). It supports IndieAuth and Micropub, by means of the excellent, well, IndieAuth and Micropub plugins.

It runs a fairly bare-bones "block" (or "FSE") theme. My "microblog" lives at /notes.

I've been experimenting with separate "likes" and "listens" sections.

I used to regularly (and still occasionally) POSSE to my Mastodon account, but have since added "native" ActivityPub support.


Earlier this year, I moved a couple of my sites to a single WordPress multisite install, which now supports subdomains—handled automatically by Caddy—as well as "proper" domain name mapping. I'm hoping to one day open up registrations (for a select number of people, at least, as moderating user-generated content is not something I'm looking forward to).

Lastly, I'm still experimenting with the ActivityPub plugin (and my little add-on plugin for it).