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Kev Quirk


Pronouns: he/him/his

Kev Quirk is a Cyber Security professional and privacy adovcate from North West England. He enjoys FOSS, motorbikes, drawing and fishkeeping.

Elsewhere:  @kevquirk Mastodon

My name is Kev Quirk and I have been blogging on various website since 2012. These days I only blog on my personal site,

I'm fairly new to the whole concept of the IndieWeb, having first heard about it in early 2019. I've since taken steps to implement Indie features to my website wherever I can.

My site

I'm using WordPress on my site with a custom theme. So far I've been able to implement Webmention, a h-card and IndieAuth.

Here is a post about my implementation as of April 2020: **link coming soon**


I am interested in:

  • Open source software
  • Online privacy
  • Cyber security
  • Web design
  • Motorcycles
  • Aquariums and fishkeeping
  • Dogs! I love dogs!