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Archived on 2016-03-14; these had gotten too out of control


  • Offline-first micropub app -- Upload photos, write notes, post checkins; save the content in localStorage, and publish it (manually? automatically?) when back online. Use AppCache or Service Workers to make the application shell available when offline.
  • Then offline-ify Woodwind where possible -- cache recent posts in localStorage update when online. Queue up replies/likes/reposts when offline.
  • Work on resiliency for webmention (the spec and my implementation). Specify status codes, etc. Monitor failures for sync and async mentions; retry n-times with exponential backoff.
  • Make a great OAuth2 implementation. Eran Hammer says a naive OAuth 2 implementation is not very secure by default, and I'm not happy slapping an insecure OAuth 2 impl ( on top of a more secure protocol (Twitter? FB?). Look into expirations and refresh tokens.
  • Micropub conformance test suite.
    • Test server: Using an arbitrary client, sign into the test suite, it gives detailed feedback if any of your parameters are wrong or missing. Like
    • Test client: can sign into an arbitrary server, same type of detailed feedback
  • Would be cool to write up a few chapters adding IndieWeb features to Miguel Grinberg's Flask Mega-Tutorial microblog
  • Thinking about friend graph stuff. How can you host your own reader subscriptions, how can you find friends of friends.
    • More specifically, how can I implement a "Follow" button in Woodwind like exists on retweets in Twitter. twitter-rt-follow-2015-05-21.png

Red Wind

  • Self-host project descriptions, inspired by Even if the code lives on github, the canonical project homepage can still be my site.
  • I'm itchy about mixing long-form articles with (in my case very ephemeral) notes. Red Wind UX is geared to quick notes atm.
    • For articles I prefer the static site generator flow of writing in a text editor.
  • Collection posts for photo albums -- prompted by batch of vacation photos starting around
    • added album selector for POSSE to Facebook; album should exist on my site too!
  • Consume/PESOS from API somehow. Low bandwidth option: grab and publish top artists and top tracks once a week
    • OwnYourScrobbles type service?
  • "reposts" of longer-than-tweet-length content need more sophistication. e.g. a tumblr repost of an indieweb post
    • auto-fill or fallback to the mf2util generated content, but let me override manually with a different title/summary.
    • do the same with bookmarks and likes?


  • Hook up redwind and so that rw delegates POSSE to sp. Still allow different per-silo configurations
  • Improve post metadata styling. grey links at the bottom of each post are too cluttered and too click targets are too small.
  • Mixed-content warning for images reposted from http (e.g. twitter). Could mirror locally or serve over an https proxy.
  • Split out admin templates and "theme" templates, better support for customization across installs


  • "Who to follow" suggestions -- friends of friends
  • Outsource the subscription list to your personal site (a la IndieReader), using a common mechanism so users can move between feed readers without losing their subscriptions


  • Clean up micropub UI; fix the gigantic syndication buttons.

other ideas

  • Browser plugin to display a status icon if the current site accepts webmentions and/or pingbacks. Clicking could bring up more detailed information: h-feed, microformats2, microformats1, etc. [1]
  • In the Bridgy mould, would it be useful to extract webmention sending as a separate service that could watch an h-feed and send mentions for links in new entries? PuSH consuming and monitoring for updates/deletes would be a little tricky.
  • This is fuzzier. It would be cool to have a proxy server that could generate h-entry's from "arbitrary" sources: e.g., silos that are already supported by a-u or oembed, plus tumblr, blogger, wordpress, NYT, Wapo, LATimes. Useful for fetching reply context, maybe other stuff.

Need Help With

  • Reply/Like/Repost buttons in Woodwind are totally hidden right now until you click on a post, which is confusing and awkward. I'd like to make them visible but not distracting. Ideally the syndication buttons would not advertise twitter/facebook/etc. under every post (I feel like they really break up the flow) woodwind-reply-area-2015-12-04.png.