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Hi! My name is Massi, and I am a non-IT person with a vanity website.

I wrote my first page in 1999 before I even got online, and I published it on my 17th birthday.

Since then I have had 7 different websites. A friend of mine calls me "the intermittent blogger".

My current site is titled Verba volant. Scripta manent. Virtualia? (after the Latin proverb) and I think that I will stick with it for a long time.

I am a weird dude who writes raw HTML (and CSS) (and XML). I code using Atom (RIP).

I apply the principles and technicalities of the IndieWeb to the best of my skills.

Ages ago I contributed (poorly) to the Habari project.

The lowercase "f" in my username troubles me a little.

I do not have any social media profile.