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Pete Ley

Pronouns: he/him

the Archon of the City of Nessus

Chat Nickname: e-snail




  • Better markup, styling, feeds, etc for what already exists
    • learn how to use html5 the right way
    • mobile layout
    • learn more CSS? (probly nah)
    • archives, category/tag view
  • Media upload independent of git repos
    • sync'd on devices
    • profile pic
  • More automation in posting
    • most of this can be thru git hooks tbh
    • elisp to auto-populate buffers with metadata and correctly name files
      • maybe auto-export .org files at site gen rather than rely on exporting prior to commit?
    • maybe proper CI/CD setup once things get more complicated?
  • Webmentions
    • self host endpoint
    • moderation queue
    • eventual integration into content repo -> directly embedded in static site
      • javascript-dependent view of mentions that have hit the endpoint but not got collected by integration job
  • XMPP bot for automated note/media posting