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Don Geronimo


Flight attendant, artist, and owner of many other hats. Has unusual obsessions with talking about commercial aviation and travel, creating stickers, drawing, playing role-playing games & video games, learning languages, and the crash axe.

Chat Nickname: sentamalin

Contact: E-Mail (PGP Key) Keybase Matrix Telegram


Good day, all y'all, I'm Don Geronimo. Flight attendant. Furry. General geek with many hats. I've been intending to have my own site and domain for a long while by virtue of I got tired of having to broadcast myself in various places.

When I first started getting on social networks, one of my first experiments (due to me being lazy) is "How can I share something once and have it share to other places automatically?" At first I went with the tools provided by each network, then followed by using IFTTT to do the sharing for me. Other tools and things were eventually added in piecemeal until, well, those started to break and I got too lazy to maintain things that I can't trust to continue working. Eventually, my "participation" (or consumption) of social media essentially stopped, save for conversations with friends.

Truth be told, I don't utilize my silos that often (which is why I've opted to not list them on this page), and even now I've kept my social media accounts just to claim my username, occasionally see what some friends are up to, or have a way to message people that only communicate on a social network. As such, it's been an easy move for me thus far to get my own site up and running and syndicating my content to networks my friends are on whenever I want/need to!

My Tools

I'm a minimalist at heart (or, perhaps, by circumstance/profession) so the things I carry with me to create, update, and maintain my site are few:

All Platforms

  • Hugo
  • Git
  • Vim
  • Keybase

Linux (Fedora)

  • Visual Studio Code


  • Termux

Javascript and Web Services

  • Leaflet
  • Mapbox
  • Aperture
  • Telegraph
  • Lunr.js


  • Add "Previous Post" and "Next Post" links to each single page post on my site.
  • Sort out Nested Webmentions for my pages' comments.
  • Add a mentions count for each entry in my site's feeds.
  • Pagination: The home page feed is growing large; should I paginate? I've already finished the pagination on a local topic branch; it's just a matter of merging to enable it. However, this will currently break some u-syndication links present on the canonical post URL that describes the places on my site where it's been syndicated. Finished: Infinite Scrolling on Hugo List Pages
  • Automation: Every step done on my site right now is essentially manual via command line. I need to add some automation—if only to save me the costs of time for sharing content. I could probably cron some of my tasks on my home computer, for example.
  • Posting on Mobile: Right now that's done by Termux in exactly the same process I do at home on Linux. It's good in that I post the same way no matter what device I'm using. It's not so good in that the time cost for posting that way is significantly higher than posting at home.
  • Implement own-site search using Lunr.js Finished: Static Site Search With Lunr.js

Flight Logs

Flight logs have been added to my site: Got Flights Added to My Website

Next Steps:

  • Import all data from MyFlightradar24 to my site
  • Create airport, airline, and aircraft data for my site to consume
  • Should I share said datasets in YAML format somewhere? Will it be useful to someone?

It's not necessary for me or my job, but it would be also nice if I do some research and add a raw format of flight logs as associated in Pilot Logs and a method of accepting digital signatures. I'm 95% sure that software requires some compliance certification/verification, but an ability for pilots to Own Their Logbooks would be nice because the best option is, alack, paper for that purpose.