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Pronouns: they/them


Hello hi i'm and while i used to write my own PHP CMS stuff, and make things in node.js every now and then, my actual home den is handwritten HTML because that's what i think is fun (and i want the pages to look different).

Hopefully my website can feel less like a portfolio and more like a place, or at the very least a pile of things. I will not standardize my URL's and if that breaks it all then so be it.

This Indie Web thing is all very beguiling but i'm trying to figure out if it vibes with my deeper beliefs (IE no (automatic) off-domain requests, no (automatic) javascript, and no cookies).


  • Read up on what tools are available here and how to use them (and for what)!
  • Maybe add some git-hook that generates RSS from the commit message and make a repo out of the entire website
    • This'll mean i have to host large files "outside" of the regular file structure
  • Setup hosting of large files "outside" of the regular file structure (i guess another apache instance + some subdomain bs) done!
  • ... more things to come once i know what i'm doing

Todo's on here