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Vincent Pickering


Service Designer & UI/UX Consultant

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Hello. I'm Vincent Pickering a Service Designer & UI/UX Consultant, based in the U.K I've been working in the industry for nearly 20 years building websites at scale. I love pulling apart complex things and working out new ways to view or combine them.

My site

My site is a static site built on Jekyll. The code is hosted on Github and deployed to Netlify. IndieWeb content such as Webmentions are managed via a custom Node.JS server called Mastr Cntrl which is hosted on Heroku. In the future I may port this to Lamda functions and remove the dependancy on Heroku.

Content The basic model to update content is to push in to the Github API. This triggers Netlify to build and deploy the site. At that point a variety of things can happen.

Receiving Webmentions posts to Mastr Cntrl. Webmentions are formatted and posted in to a JSON file via the Github API. This triggers a rebuild on Netlify and displays the webmentions.

Sending Webmentions On publish I create a temporary queue of source/target pairs to send. Publishing fires a webhook which makes Mastr-Cntrl get the feed and loop through sending each Webmention.

Syndication Working on it.

PESOS/Micropub Content from other sites such as ownyourswarm and all Micropub types are supported. Content hits my micropub endpoint on Mastr Cntrl where content is formatted in to a markdown file and pushed in to the Github API.

Media Endpoint Uploading images when using Micropub works by uploading images in to the Github API and passing back the URL location.

Working On

  • Syndicating content from the website. (documented here
  • Syndicate to other sites without minor Zapier dependancy.
  • Rollup Bookmarks in to a feed or weekly newsletter.
  • Accept Last.FM content and format in a nice way.
  • Port Mastr Cntrl to Lamda functions. In theory this is possible and would reduce the amount of hosting involved.
  • Porting static Jekyll website to 11ty.
  • Supporting h-review
  • Supporting delete webmention
  • Supporting Direct Messages
  • Social Reader integration