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I'm attracted to these concepts not because of packratting my digital data, but because I'd like to be the one in charge of the tools to filter and display the conversation.

I want to re-enable the sorts of friendships and personal connections we made back in the early days of weblogging and the net, where fantastic people discovered each other and had great conversations outside of the straightjacket of advertiser supported and moderated content.


  • Two-way integration with Twitter: I've been posting to Twitter and Facebook from my own site since May of 2009. Facebook integration broke recently with their deprecation of stand-alone apps, but recently I started archiving my Twitter feed, and I'd like to set those up to feed back into threaded conversation on my personal status feed.
  • Webmention and inbound MF2 for my status feed. My blog,, has rudimentary Webmention and inbound link support, but my personal status feed at doesn't yet. Part of two-way integration with Twitter is upgrading that system for discussion chains.
  • Once I've got those two things together into a database, a simple search engine for read feeds should be relatively trivial.
  • Non-HTTP: I want a system I can use to share HTML or a similar document format with embedded video and images with family that doesn't depend on domain names, that allows fine-grained control of who gets shared with, and that is encrypted in-flight. I think this is a matter of configuring something, and maybe sending family a Raspberry Pi to plug in to their network to manage transfer, but I kind of feel like the next step forward needs to ditch the web.