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Lewis Cowles

Lewis Cowles is just looking to learn more about IndieWeb for now.

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Lewis Cowles

I'm just looking to learn more about indieweb

I've been on the web since the 1990's

My Father is a radio ham G7OED (also may know as M0CLZ) &

My Stepmother is M0LMR

Dad got me into the internet after I showed him about the mouse I'd used at school. He taught me bat file scripting and ensured I had lots of learning resources like a family computer, my own Commodore 64 & 128, ZX spectrum, Amstrad Laptop (which was not a laptop)

My personal website is I've been getting paid for working on the web since I was 16, currently a small-business owner of CODESIGN2, employee at a startup (not CD2) as a senior software engineer and contract digital architect.

I like sequence diagrams, ERD's, Open standards and code. I'm pretty good at setting up, documenting, creating and deploying software once I understand it.