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Marco Zehe


Marco is an accessibility engineer at Mozilla. Screen readers, people with disabilities, web accessibility.



Getting Started

  • Have had my personal blogs for over ten years and have always published to them, except for tweets.
    • Am a deeply engrined WordPress user. Tried others and always came back to it. ;)
  • Add Indieweb bits:
    • DONE: Add the Indieweb plugin and related extensions.
    • DONE: Choose a theme that works with microsofmats, currently deploying ZenPress to my blogs.
    • Check out everything works.

Problems I've encountered

  • Bridgy requires me to register each Twitter handle twice, once on my blog, once on the Bridgy site. If I neglect the latter, crawling won't happen.
    • Check out relevant section if that could be documented a bit more explicitly.
  • Without a proper theme, posting to Twitter will fail. Example: Standard TwentySixteen despite the MF2 plugin being installed and active.
  • When using the Shariff buttons, find a way to post to Twitter via Bridgy without their text being added.
    • Suggestions on IRC included using the Excerpt field for the tweet text, and to first preview a post on Bridgy before publishing it to Twitter, so not automatically publish when publishing to my blog. This is especially relevant for short status updates without titles, not so much for full articles.