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dweb is an abbreviation for distributed web or decentralized web, an umbrella term for a broad variety of approaches & communities working on distributed & decentralized solutions for the web & internet in general, the IndieWeb specifically, as well as a prefix for the DWeb Summit conference (and #dwebsummit hashtag) which has had IndieWeb sessions.


Vulnerable to abuse

The term "dweb" and expansions "decentralized web" or "distributed web" are all plumbing-centric (as opposed to user/human-centric) and are thus more vulnerable to abuse, distortion, squatting by amoral or unethical projects, or outright conmen or conspiracies.

2019-12 A Google Search for "dweb" on mobile results in a top result with a snippet for dwebs.io which re-purposes much of the terminologies and visual designs of "dweb" related / self-identifying projects, but from a weird pseudo-libertarian / altright conspiracy theory (mention of "deep state") perspective:

Mobile Safari and Firefox Google search results from 2019-12-19 and 2019-12-20 respectively:

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