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A comment is a reply syndicated into the context of the original post.

See: comments for the display of comments in the context of an original post.

See Also

  • 2010 Hackernews comment about federating comments!
    • "Or the problem could be that the decentralization hasn't been taken far enough. Why should comments be tied to a particular website at all? Comments can be federated in exactly the same way people are talking about opening up Twitter and turning it into a "distributed service" or even a "protocol". Even without true federation, you can still extract comments from the major aggregators via their APIs. So the notion of where a comment ultimately "lives" starts to get blurry." @codingthewheel June 18, 2010
  • 2010-06-15 Example of blog posts commenting back/forth: Your right to comment ends at my front door. β€” see the end for "Update: John Gruber responded:"

    … (And hey! Look at us having a conversation without comment forms. Ain’t it grand living in the future?)