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This page is for historical purposes only from IndieWebCamp 2011.


IndieWebCamp: June 25, 2011 (2011-06-25) at 10am through June 26 (2011-06-26) at 6pm. URLs: http://calagator.org/events/1250459571, http://lanyrd.com/2011/indie-web-camp/, http://plancast.com/p/3cos


personal identity

To add yourself to the guest list, you'll need to create an account on this wiki and add yourself to this page.

Log in with your own OpenID domain!

Using your Google Profile as your Open ID is not good enough! If you're serious about the Indie Web, then you can demonstrate that by setting up Open ID on your own domain.

builders only

Similar to the Federated Social Web Summit of 2010, IndieWebCamp 2011 is for active builders only in order to focus the limited time we have on productive real world discussions and code/design/ux sharing that will help us move forward.

Being a builder means you must do one or more of:

  • code. create or contribute to indieweb open source projects
  • design. create or contribute to indieweb designs, graphic, layout, adaptive or otherwise.
  • ux. create wireframes or other indieweb user interface flows

As an indieweb builder, you must be using the things you build (code, design, ux) on your personal site.

As an indieweb camp builder, you must share at least some small part of what you build and run on your personal site.

Still not sure if you're an indieweb builder?

Check out the Builder wiki page.

apprentices to builders

Perhaps you don't have a personal site.

Or you have a personal site, but have no idea how to setup OpenID.

Or you're a builder, but only for other people, and don't actively build things for your own site.

Maybe you're really excited about the IndieWeb and want to join it as soon as you can!

You can still attend IndieWebCamp as an apprentice to a builder.

A builder may bring an apprentice, and is completely responsible for them.

If you're not a builder, but want to be, or want to create and contribute to the indieweb but don't know where to start, team up with a builder, and ask them to add you.

In the meantime, be sure to get setup with your own personal identity so you can contribute to the wiki, and start learning what you can do to add your personal site to the indie web.

Official Guest List

Planners: Tantek Çelik, Aaron Parecki, Amber Case and Crystal Beasley. Want to help? Sign up to volunteer!.

Create your account, then add:

  • Your name linked to your wiki user page (optionally a link to your company/organization/project(s) after your name)
  • URL to your personal indieweb site (will be auto-linked by the wiki)
  • link(s) to the code/design/ux shared projects that you build/iterate/contribute to that you run on your indieweb site. e.g. links to github or even directly to files on your own site as long as they have self-contained open source or content licensing as appropriate.

Class of 2011

Let's make this! (like a yearbook with avatars and names in a table etc.)

  • Classof2011 <-- needs help! Perhaps start with the Saturday night group photo?


Alphabetically sorted by first name.

Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I build on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
Aaron Parecki (Geoloqi.com) http://aaron.pk/ MediaWiki Extensions github.com/aaronpk random utilities
Al Partridge http://www.practicalmedia.com/
Amber Case (Geoloqi.com) http://caseorganic.com/
Audrey Eschright (Calagator.org, ePDX, Open Source Bridge) http://lifeofaudrey.com/
Ben Ward (Twitter) http://benward.me/ http://Github.com/benward/tumblfeed Tumblr to RSS/HTML5 proxy. http://Github.com/benward
Brennan Novak http://brennannovak.com http://social-igniter.com PHP, MySQL, CSS, CodeIgniter, jQuery @brennannovak
Brynn Evans http://brynnevans.com/ @brynn
Clifton B http://www.offchild.com/ http://52mobileapps.com/ @maxticket
Charlie Cauthen http://charlie.reticulate.me/
Chris Messina http://chrismessina.me @chrismessina
Crystal Beasley (Mozilla) http://skinnywhitegirl.com custom PHP, visual design/UX, HTML, CSS @skinny
Dann Stayskal (Copious) http://dann.stayskal.com Crypto, 802.xx, AI, ruby, rails, perl, mesh nets github.com/danndalf
Dawn Foster (MeeGo / Intel) http://fastwonderblog.com http://whatdawneats.com hacking on PHP, HTML, CSS, MicroFormats @geekygirldawn
Devin R. Olsen (/ ISITE Design) http://www.devinrolsen.com http://www.cssmunch.com hacking on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Unity3d, 3D Studio Max @devinrolsen
Erin Jo Richey http://www.erinjorichey.com/ @erinjo
Glenn Jones http://glennjones.net/ @glennjones
Jason Grigsby (Cloud Four, Mobile Portland) User First Web
Jeremy Keith (http://clearleft.com/) http://adactio.com custom PHP CMS, HTML, CSS
Jeremie Miller (The Locker Project) http://jeremie.com/ @jeremie
Joseph Boyle (http://pde.cc/) http://josephboyle.net
Lyza Danger Gardner (Cloud Four) http://lyza.com/
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky (Borasky Research Journal) http://borasky-research.net/ Perl, R, openSUSE Linux appliances, Data visualization, blogging, tweeting, data journalism tools @znmeb
Meitar Moscovitz http://meitar.moscovitz.name/
Nate DiNiro http://blog.unclenate.com/
Petra Gregorova (ISITE Design) http://petragregorova.com/ HTML, CSS, jQuery, Microformats @petragregorova
Shane Becker http://veganstraightedge.com
Tab Atkins http://xanthir.com code: http://github.com/tabatkins @tabatkins
Reid Beels http://reidbeels.com/ code: http://github.com/reidab ePDX / Calagator.org / Open Source Bridge @reidab
Tantek Çelik (Mozilla) http://tantek.com/ CASSIS (JS+PHP framework, on github), Whistle (URL shortener and design), Falcon (custom CASSIS+PHP CMS), RelMeAuth (URL-based rel-me + OAuth single sign-on, on github) @t
Ward Cunningham http://c2.com/~ward
Will Norris (DiSo Project, Google) http://willnorris.com/
Wm Leler (Political Irony) http://leler.com/

Missed You

Sorry to miss you folks - hopefully you can make it next year!

Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I build on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
Brian Suda http://suda.co.uk/
Darren Bounds http://dbounds.glow.io/
Doug Coleman http://dougcoleman.wordpress.com/
Dustin Whittle http://dustinwhittle.com/
François Hodierne http://znarf.h6e.net/
James Socol (Mozilla) http://coffeeonthekeyboard.com http://github.com/jsocol web apps using Python and JS @jamessocol
Jillian Ada Burrows http://adaburrows.com/ Dynamis PHP Framework, JavaScript, CSS, Microformats github, @jburrows
Les Orchard http://decafbad.com/
Mike Taylor http://code-bear.com/


Apprentices, add yourselves with your name, personal URL (if any), Builder, more info. Alphabetically sorted by first name.

Name (org) Personal URL Apprentice Of More info
Brian Ledger (Geoloqi) http://brianledger.com/ Aaron Parecki
Kirsten Comandich (Open Source Bridge) http://comandich.com/ Reid Beels @kcomandich
Mark Hendrickson (Plancast) http://markmhendrickson.com/ Tantek Çelik @mhendric, http://plancast.com/mark
Chloe Weil http://chloeweil.com/ Jeremy Keith @secretmildred

Final Count

From the builders + apprentices it appears the final IndieWebCamp Classof2011 count is:

  • 36 total (9 women = 25%!)

Compared to last year's photo of the 2010 Federated Social Web Summit which had:

  • 37 total (1 woman = 2.7%)

I'd say that's progress.


Thanks to our sponsors - if you see these folks walking around, be sure to thank them for sponsoring IndieWebCamp.

Name (org) Personal URL (if any) I Build More info
Brian Oberkirch (Wieden & Kennedy) http://brianoberkirch.com/


Folks that can't make it (but hopefully can participate before/after remotely!)