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Hosted API

A brainstorming session during IndieWebCampUK 2012.

Archived from:

2012-253 The Engine room / The Skiff

Discussion Leaders:

  • Aral Balkan (@aral)
  • Glenn Jones (@glennjones)
  • Ketan
  • ...

HostedAPI Solution group etherpad

The idea of this session is to work out how a package of self hosted tools, that can be installed easy by any new indie web creator/ site owner.

This suite of pre-packaged tools, will allow for syndicating to third part websites via a plugin architecture, this allows for features such as:

  • Syndicate third party social status updates
  • Storage of content-types locally with a good structure
  • Allow development of new 'plugins'
  • Make it easy to create shortened URLs to content
  • Work out an API REST-Like URL format to allow for transmission of content.
  • Discussion of how Clients (Mobile Web/Native Client/Web Browser) can post to an indie web site.

Aral - presenting the Continuous Client


iCloud/Dropbox as a solution

  • Interim Storage
  • Glen
  • Dropbox Bookmark
  • Bookmarks
  • How can you search, should each bookmark be stored as a singular entitiy

Web Mobile UI Client


/** My notes: 
/* Web UI
/* Mobile Client
/* Web Client
(scripts to post)

PULL Systems

  • scripts to pull RSS/ API calls
  • Format for canonical data storage
  • Content Types (formats / schemas for storage ) ref: microformats
  • Plugins to allow syndication
  • Push Systems


PubSubHubub described in a minute by Tantek

Common Storage Formats

  • Photos
  • Status Updates
    • Network dependant
  • Bookmarks
  • Comments
  • Contacts
  • Recipes
  • Third Party Quantified Self Data (example Fitbit data stored locally)


Using HTML and human readable formats that can be Machine readable as well.

Query APIs

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • ADN
  • Bookmarks

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